Thursday, July 7, 2011

the real housewives of new york friday july 8 2011

ok, is thursday night (july 7th, 2011) the final night for 'the real housewives of new york'? ...this has been one odd season for the show..I cannot believe 'Countess LuAnn' still calls herself a 'countess'..she is far from it and far from having any type of class, as she 'sings' in her hightly autotunes song 'money can't buy you class'..i am really curious to know who actually went to 'itunes' and purchased this atrocity of a song..the woman can't sing ...but in her fogged up mind, she believes she can...then there is Ramona who believes she has the best marriage ever, and that her and her husband (Mr. wandering eyes) Mario are soul mates, yeah right. Ramona listen to me, if your friends can't stand you and most of the viewers cannot stand you, how do you make yourself believe that your own husband can stand you??????? have another bottle of Pinot Grigio, Ramona..

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  1. These women live in the land of DELUSION. I should visit there sometime.